Your Trip to Barcelona: Make the Best of the Festas

Barcelona is well known for its lively nightlife and musicality, but it's not all nightclubs and Sonar, some of the most upbeat and sometimes quirky fests in the city are centered around its saints. If you're planning your trip to Barcelona, make the best of the festas below and choose your dates so that you can practice the Sardana or catch a castell on camera! 

Festa de Sant Medir

Known as the sweetest of all fests, this celebration which takes place in March consists of a parade in Gracia in which sweets are thrown from horse drawn carts. The festivity commemorates Saint Medir, the patron saint of farmers. 

When? On the 3rd of March. 

Where? In Vila de Gracia. 

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Sant Jordi Roses and Books Festival

Sant Jordi is probably one of the most popular and most charming Catalan celebrations. Similar to Valentine's Day, it consists in celebrating love by exchanging roses and books. For the occasion, the Ramblas are momentarily filled with book and flower sellers for the day.  Traditionally, men gave women roses, and women gave men books. Now a days, it is perfectly acceptable to give men flowers and women books too!

When? On the 23rd of April.

Where? In all of Catalonia.

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Festa de Sant Joan

Up next is the Sant Joan Festa to celebrate the summer solstice and it's all about fire, fireworks and late night partying with cava wine! The beach is a great place to go for bonfires, but the whole city is alight on Sant Joan, so any park or venue is good to celebrate the beginning of the party season! Also, check out this cool photography shoot inspired by the festivities of Sant Joan in Menorca

When? On the 23rd of June.

Where? All over Barcelona.

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Festa Major de Gracia

During a week in August, the Gracia neighborhood embraces its uniqueness with special decorations and displays and unforgettable street parties, as well as outdoor food stalls. Other neighborhoods, such as Sants also carry out their corresponding festas, but the Gracia parties and decorations are the most well known. 

When? In August. This year, from the 15th to the 21st. 

Where? All around the Gracia neighborhood in Barcelona. 

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Festa de La Mercé

La Mercé, which celebrates the patron saint of Barcelona, Mare da Deu de la Mercé. Festivities take place throughout a week and include traditional dances such as the Sardana, human towers called castells, a fire run known as correfoc, a parade of giants, fireworks and of course late night partying all over town!

When? In September. (estimated date this year from the 22nd to the 25th).

Where? All around Barcelona. 

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