Barcelona: One of the World's Best Destinations for Photography

Hot definitely fits Barcelona, and not just because it’s Summer. The city is abuzz year round and there is always something to see, somewhere to go, something to do. Music, art, architecture, nightlife, beach fun, film, you name it, Barcelona has it all, and the camera knows it! Below are five reasons why this is one of the world’s best destinations for photography, hands down.

1- Eclectic People

The multicultural, multiethnic crowds of the Barcelona streets with their unique styles and traditions make this a great destination for people watching and snapping shots of unique and colorful faces and expressions.

2- Picturesque Neighborhoods and Beach Front

 Photo by  Fotomovimiento

Whether it’s quirky Gracia, historic Barri Gotic, the renovated Born and Raval, upscale Eixample, marvelous Montjuic or the fun and lively beach front, there are all sorts of scenarios and corners to discover in Barcelona, and that diversity is great for creative inspiration and unique photographic opportunities.

3- Impressive Architecture and Artistic Heritage

 Photo by  Nonauk

Photo by Nonauk

Barcelona is well known for its architecture and the impressive Gaudí/Subirachs double sided Sagrada Familia church syntheses the merging of different styles that characterizes the city. From gothic to modernism, to a rationalist building in the middle of the revamped old Raval neighborhood, there is plenty of contrast and layers of history in the settings that Barcelona provides, not to mention, the amazing artistic heritage that Spanish artists have left behind which keep the muses wide awake.

4- Food and Drink

 Photo by  Bert Kaufmann

Photo by Bert Kaufmann

Tapas, sangrias, but also haute cuisine, are not only a treat for the palate but a treat for the eyes. Capture pictures of dangling fuets, ham and butifarras, or of fruit filled jugs of sweet wine and then fill up on the good stuff before stopping to shoot at the famous Mercat de la Boquería or stopping by one of the bars to capture the essence of lively night fun.

5-     Great Photography Conditions

 (Photo by  Dani Alvare z)

(Photo by Dani Alvarez)

Meaning a lot of sunshine, relatively long days in the Winter, but also a good predisposition for photography which translates to available gear and photography labs, exhibits, and photography oriented activities such as courses, seminars and fun tours