Gracia Festival Barcelona: A Photography Fantasy Land

Gracia Festival is one of the highlights of Barcelona's lively fiesta season for good reason. A temporary fantasy land for photographers, its the party that Foto Ruta Barcelona looks forward to the most, its a visual feast of colour, parties and creativity that hits the beautiful Gracia neighbourhood every August. If you're a photographer or like taking photos this is one not to miss. 

Gracia festival barcelona

Taking place between the 15th and 21st August, 2015, the Gracia festival is A fiesta with a twist, seeing streets compete in the creativity stakes. Each of the neighbourhood's narrow streets chooses a theme and goes all out, plastering their territory with impressive and elaborate colours and objects. A feast for the eyes, senses and in our case, lenses.  

gracia fiesta street decor

Added to the colour and visual delights are food stalls, drink stalls, DJs and a few thousand people, its one of the party highlights in a city that knows how to party. 

street decor in gracia barcelona

For photographers wanting to go and take photos at the festival, here are our top tips:

  • Get there in the early afternoon to capture the decor while it's still light and the streets aren't too packed to shoot
  • Get acquainted with the programme. As well as street decor, the fiesta has a number of photogenic events going on including fire runs and human towers 
  • The festival offers some awesome portrait opportunities - get in there, speak to people and capture the excitement on their faces (Catalonians like to be asked before you take their photos) 
  • Watch your camera and belongings. Pick-pockets are rife
night gracia festival

Its at night when the party really kicks off and the decorations take on a different life.

people at gracia festival

For official information visit (In Catalan) 

There are a host of websites that offer guides and programe times, here are a few:

gracia fiesta barcelona