Which Barcelona Instagrammers to follow: click-scroll-enjoy

Having a hangover after too many parties? Just want to cocoon all day? Foto Ruta helps you spend your time equally productive: those diverse Barcelona Instagrammers surely inspire you for your next photography session or other creative work. Whether you actually call this ‘being productive’ or not… For hours and hours of click-scroll-enjoy, those are the Barcelona Instagrammers you should follow.

Advanced iPhoneography by Joe Lopez

Joe is an urban photographer, but unlike big city chaotic scenes he always manages to capture calm images. Shadows, reflections, symmetry, colours and lines: he knows very well how to spot interesting images. Such great photos he can take with only an iPhone! Besides Barcelona we also spot London, Paris, Seville and Rome…


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Barcelona Instagrammers united: Descobreix Catalunya

If you can look through all the advertisement (and not get distracted by the Catalan language) you can enjoy this Instagram accounts beautiful photos. The account displays photos from different photographers, so it’s got a lot of diversity! What makes it even more interesting is that it’s not only about the city Barcelona: through the photos you can admire the whole Catalunya region.


Beautiful ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ by devonart_

Completely one of a kind: the photos of Jordi Corominas. Lots of creative, interesting portraits! In contrast to Joe Lopez we can’t call the images calm, and we can’t really call it ‘urban’ either… Maybe better if you just check it out yourself: The obscure atmospheres are well worth clicking the ‘Follow’ button!


Barcelona’s character by our guide Fran

Like we told you before, Fran is one of our Barcelona Foto Ruta guides. An own website, a Facebook page, and you can also follow him on Instagram (only for photos made with his smartphone). Showing the day-to-day city he loves to explore and it’s special events transferring the city’s character. If you like to be fed with typical Barcelona images this is going to be one of your favourites, too.


Foto Ruta guide Juan Chao showing details

Our guides wouldn’t be our guides if we weren’t their fans! Juan has got a completely different style than Fran. Showing (funny) details that you’ll likely walk past & small scenes of which you wouldn’t recognize its beauty. Let Juan show it’s worth to leave your house fifteen minutes earlier than normally, to slow down your speed and really take your time to look around!


soldebarcelonablog for tourists and more

Their (tourism) blog is written in Portugese, but luckily photos strongly speak for themselves. Owned by Christina Souza da Rosa, soldebarcelona posts lots of photos of typical food and BCN scenes. Sometimes referring to nice bars or linking to (YouTube) movies, which is a good way to get to know more about the city we love. Makes us happy!


Ehovu has got it all

If you can’t actually visit BCN make sure you at least check out this Instagram account! Its colours, its urban, its action, landscapes, portraits… We can’t get enough. Luckily ehovu posts with high frequency so (unless ALT+F5 is your favourite keyboard combination) there’s always a new photo. And even pigeons and rainy days look cool in his photos!


Professional creativity by oscar_bcn

Oscar García Ortega’s Instagram account is a sight for sore eyes. This professional graphic designer and photographer really has got an eye for geometrics, colours, people, animals and more. And his visible love for travelling is something that we definitely share, too!


Of course we are also among the Barcelona Instagrammers ourselves! Follow our account: https://instagram.com/fotorutabcn/

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