City & Urban Photo Essays that have inspired us

Taking pictures of cities is a great way of getting to know them, of taking back home something to remember from a trip, and, for art and photography buffs, to make good use of inspiration. But there is a difference between a memorable place and a memorable picture. Photo Essays are a great way of directing the lens so that the city that you take home is not only the one you experienced but also the one you create. Below is a selection of photo essays from around the world that describe places in their own unique way.

1- Nooks and Crannies

Talk about turning flaws into gold! Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca have transformed potholes from cities like Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles and New York City into pools to dive into, a place to baptize babies in, a spot for fishing and more. A true example of what creativity is all about. Find the full photo essay here



2- People and Places 

Japanese Junya Suzuki’s Nothing Out of the Ordinary is a beautiful photo essay that captures children bringing a degree of extraordinariness to otherwise “ordinary” urban settings. Find the full photo essay here.

Gianni Bianchini is a travel photographer who photographs people unnoticed, either when they are sleeping, reading, and praying in public, and so, the places in the pictures are not only describing spaces and faces but also the way individuals live and interact in the city. Find his photo essays here.  

In Buenos Aires, Torcuato Gonzales Agote is known for his photo blog “Chicas Bondi”. Bondi, in Argentina is a slang term for the bus, which in Buenos Aires is a mode of transportation that has a deep relationship with the local identity. The series of pictures, taken over several years, captures (mostly) unsuspecting girls as they travel around the city. Check out the blog here. 


3- Alternative Lighting

Joan Sorolla takes beautiful black and white pictures of cities with backlit people and skylines, and haunting foggy backdrops. 


Thiery Cohen’s Darkened Cities is a stunning photo essay that shows what different city skylines would look like at night if they were only lit by the light of stars. The photographer took pictures of the night sky at the Sahara and then edited photographs of great city skylines to match them with the starry dessert backdrop. Find the full photo essay here

If you want more ideas and information for taking creative pictures of the city, make sure to try one of the Foto-Ruta tours!