5 Fantastic Photography Kickstarter Projects of 2015

The Internet era has donned us with many a resource to exploit our creative freedom, from open source technology, to interactive platforms such as Instagram to share our work, to collaborative and alternative financing possibilities through crowdfunding. Kickstarter, is the most well-known crowdfunding platform for creative projects, although it’s certainly not the only one and more are coming up each day.

At Foto Ruta, we’ve picked out 5 fantastic photography Kickstarter projects of 2015 because a) we love them and want to support them! b) we love the democracy of this system and c) to share the possibilities that this funding method provides to anyone and everyone, now and for the future. So whether you really like photography books and accessories, or whether you’re thinking of engaging in your own project in 2016, read about these 5 fantastic photography Kickstarter projects of 2015 and you’re sure to find something useful for the year to come. 

 1- Don’t shoot - 66 reasons not to become a professional photographer

What is it? A book about photography (but not the usual book about photography!)

Why we love this project: Because it’s about the lifestyle of a photographer. Because it’s a no nonsense account of what it’s really like behind the scenes done with style, humor, and recycled paper! Check out an excerpt here.

2- Solid LUUV, all in one camera stabilizer

What is it? A super cool camera stabilizer that we want to try out!

Why we love this project: Marketing, design, product... Also, they managed to raise 100K€ in 24 hours, so this is definitely a project to learn from.

3- Ondu pinhole cameras

What is it? A pinhole camera that can be passed on through generations.

Why we love this project: These beautiful cameras made from wood are pretty enough just as design objects, but they also bring super ancient technology into our modern times. Plus, you can watch solar eclipses through them without burning your retina! 

4- The Everyday Messenger 

What is it? It’s an amazing bag to carry your camera and accessories.

Why we love it: Because the design is impeccable on all fronts. So much so that it is one of Kickstarter’s most funded photography related projects, and is also one of National Geographic’s gear of the year picks.

5- Izzi gadgets

What is it? A 5 in 1 lens system for Iphone 6.

Why we love it: For starters, because you have 5 lens in 1 including fisheye, wide-angle, zoom and macro. Also, because they started out with Kickstarter in 2012 and have since become huge, so they’re a great example of a success story.

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