5 Catalan Photographers to Discover and Follow

The photography scene in Barcelona is booming, and these 5 blossoming Catalan photographers prove it! Check out their stunning work and learn about their experiences as daring creative photographers in today's world!

Arnau Blanch

Arnau Blanch is a Catalan photographer who values his creative independence, and  plays with light, superposition and darkness in his gripping images full of contrast and drama. Find his webpage here, follow him on instagram here, and read an interview about his work here. Or, listen to him talk about his take on photography below!

Ibai Acevedo

Dreamy, Eden like and deeply psychological, Catalan photographer and graphic designer Ibai Acevedo's images could fit the category of divan divas floating on cloud nine. 

For Cierta Certeza, the picture featured below, he taped a flash with a diffuser inside the lamp and waited for just the right moment of the day to take the perfect picture in a perfect setting. Those that read Spanish can access a full description of the process for creating this image here

Follow Ibai Acevedo on flickr here, on facebook here, or check out his webpage here.

Berta Vicente Salas

Women, water, and a fragile sensitive worldview are part of the poetic universe of the young Berta Vicente’s photography who started taking portraits of her friends with her mobile phone when she was fourteen. Years later she took up photography again after she had to stop her ballet dancing. In a this TED talk in Spanish, she explains how one day she was walking in Barcelona and she came across a beautiful place which she felt was perfect to photograph a girl she didn't know but always saw riding the bus. She materialized her idea and the result is the picture below: 

Check out here web page here, her flickr page here, and her facebook page here.

Jordi Ruiz Cirera

Jordi Ruiz Cirera has a well rounded trajectory in documentary photography that focuses on the experience and expressions of people in the midst of their turmoils, passions and everyday life. He is well known for his stunning images of the Mennonites in Bolivia, who are difficult to approach as they believe in a technology- free life.  Find his webpage here or follow him on instagram here and on facebook here.

Salvi Danés

Mysterious photographs that explore the textures of places and people, that depict solitude and isolation are the result of this talented photographer’s work. In Blackcelona, a city is portraited but at the same time constructed. Check out the following video presenting the resulting book and look at some more of his photography on his webpage here, or, follow him on tumblr or facebook here.