What's it Foto Ruta all about?

Foto Ruta is about bringing Barcelona and its streets to life though photography. We truly believe the greatest way to see and explore a place is with your camera in tow with a creative vision and an open mind. Whether you're a professional photographer or a total beginner, Foto Ruta encourages urban exploration and offer a fresh approach to photography tuition through via a range of interactive and informative tours, experiences and workshops. 

Who would enjoy Foto Ruta?

Anyone with an open mind and a desire to explore Barcelona. Foto Ruta appeals to everyone from total beginners to professional photographers wanting to get a fresh perspective or enhance their skills. Our explorative approach means that locals wanting to re-discover Barcelona will enjoy our experiences as much as visiting tourists wanting an memorable and unique experience in one of the world's most beautiful cities.

How did we start?

Foto Ruta was launched in the beautiful and edgy city of Buenos Aires in 2011 by two foreign photographers; one from London and one from Canada who were on a mission to encourage people to see the real and genuine side of Buenos Aires and make photography more accessible. Foto Ruta started out as a sociable Saturday photo-experience in a little known neighbourhood of Argentina's capital and now offers experiences in London (UK), Santiago (Chile), Barcelona (Spain) and Berlin (Germany)